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I’m sure you’ve heard of it. I’m sure you’ve dreamt of being inside. What.CD is the premium private torrent tracker to be in if you have a fetish for music, if you’re an audiophile and cannot get enough from having to search the internet constantly for working links.

Below I present you proof…

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Wheres My Water? 100% Completed Hack

By Disney

Version: 1.9.0

Fully Completed Save game.


All levels Unlocked
All Ducks Earned (3 ducks each level)
All collection Items
All Achievements
All episodes (even IAP ones) 

On Episodes:

Mystery Duck
Cranke’s Story
The Lost Levels

Where to put the file:

/var/mobile/applications/GAME FOLDER/ Library (overwrite say “yes”)

Download Link:


GTA Chinatown Wars 100%

Download the file the file on your ipod, copy/cut the file useing ifile on you idevice and replace it with the file in the following directory:
/Var/Mobile/Applications/***/GTA: CTW/Documents
and then click the arrow to the very right of the file and scroll down to Access Permissions, and change it to this:
USER: Read, Write, Execute
GROUP: Read, Execute
WORLD: Read, Execute 

Download Game:

Download Crack:

Borderlands Legends HD v 1.0.0 Save game

For this you will only need Ifile or anything like that. This Game Save file has unlimited money, only tutorial finished.First Close the Game in the Background. Go to Zip viewer, extract two files, copy two files and put them in var/Applications/Borderlands/DocumentsAnd press overwrite all. if you don’t have a game save in that folder just paste.

Download Game:

Download Crack:

Only unlimited money:

Unlimited money and maxed skills:

Monster Galaxy: Exile & Monster Galaxy The Zodiac Island Hack


1.] 9999999 Cofe After Each Battle
2.] 9999999 Starseed After Battle
3.] 9999999 Cofe
4.] 9999999 Starseed
5.] 9999999 MogaCoins
6.] Infiniti Zodiac
7.] Time Set To 9999 more then Enough to think 
8.] All Moga’s Purchasable
9.] All Islands Unlocked
10.] Luck Moga(Slot Machine)Costs 0
11.] High Zodiac Demage (1 Hit kill)



Download : Mediafire

The Simpsons Tapped Out v3.0 Donut Hack

Hack Features:
- Unlimited Donuts (always have 4,096)

Requirements: LDONE, MobileTerminal

1 - Close the game, even from multitask

2 - Download the edited binary from the bottom of this post.

3 - unrar the file and place into var/mobile

4 - Rename Tapped Out to “Tapped” (minus the quotation marks)

5 - Open MobileTerminal and type the following commands: (minus the quotation marks)

"ldone Tapped -s" (lowercased L)
"chmod 775 Tapped"

Respring your iProduct

6 - Rename to Tapped to “Tapped Out”

7 - Put the edited binary into /var/mobile/Applications/Tapped Out/Tapped

8 - Just to be sure, respring your device

Baseball Superstars 2012 v1.0.1 Hack 999999 coins and G POINTS

Baseball Superstars® 2012. - GAMEVIL Inc.For iPhone Baseball Superstars® 2012. - GAMEVIL Inc.For iPad

999999999 Coins and 200000 G

How to:
Download and extract all files to var/mobile/Applications/BaseballSuperstars2012/Documents
Put the file game_o.sav to the game’s Documents folder and then you’ll have 200000 Gcoins again. 


Zombiewood v1.0 Hack

Zombiewood - Gameloft

Download link:….zNzQ/edit?pli=1

Put it in: var/mobile/applications/zombiewood/copy the player.dat to documents —> Respring!! 

Big Time Gangsta Hack

- iDevice (hehe)
- Paros
- Big Time Gangsta
- PC + iDevice on the same Wifi
- WinSCP / IphoneExplorer

1. Get “Paros”:
Mac / Linux : Here ;)
Windows : Here ;)

2. Set everything up using the instructions from here. (Step 1-3)
(Hint: The IP you have to enter, is the LAN-IP of your PC. you can look it up in windows by opening cmd, entering “ipconfig” and looking at what is written next to “IPv4 Adress” ;) )

3. Close every app in the Multitask-bar

4 In Paros, go to “Tools -> Filter” and check “Replace HTTP response body….” and click on the “…” next to it -> “Pattern: <TapPoints>0</TapPoints>” ——— “Replace with <TapPoints>99999999</TapPoints>”
PS: Only enter “<TapPoints>0</TapPoints>” if you never received any Points for free Apps. If you did, change the 0 to the value. 
(To find that value, check “Trap Response” which you can find by clicking at “Trap”. then start the app, and hit continue until you see that phrase with your value)

5. Now open “Big Time Gangsta”

6. In-game you will get a message, that Game Center couldnt connect.. (thats because of the http-proxy you set up) -> just hit retry ;)
If you did it right you should now see something like this

Ok, but theres more to do!

7. Close the App (also from multitasking) and navigate to your game-directory (gamename: Brawler)
Go to “Documents” and delete everything except the “default” folder
You have to do this “extra” step, because when you start the game without the changes, it will take away the credits you got..

Now its time to “clean up" ^^ :

8. Go to your settings and disable the wifi-proxy to re-enable Game-Center ;)

9. Restart the App and enjoy your free Credits :)

Need For Speed: Most Wanted Mod/Hack

Need for Speed" Most Wanted - Electronic Arts For iPhone

Need for Speed" Most Wanted - Electronic ArtsFor iPad

If video isn’t showing up go here

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